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I'm a 36 year old happily married SAHM, college student. I have 3 beautiful little terrors who drive me insane by being so much like me. I am fighting the good fight against a rare auto immune disease called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year.....

The holidays are finally over and a new year has begun. Thank heavens in some ways and in others it's just another day of another year. I never have really done the whole resolution "gimmick". I have always believed if I wanted something to change that I didn't need a certain day for me to start the change. I do, however, have some goals for myself for this year. I hope that I fulfill them but I also refuse to let not reaching them beat me down.

1. Work on my self-esteem.
Having MCTD really works on your self esteem. You go from being a very active person to someone who needs help getting out of bed most days. Even someone with the highest of esteems would have a major depression after dealing with MCTD for so long. 
I'm a mom. My main job is care giver and yet my 13 yr old DD is more of a care giver than I am. All 3 of my kids know how to help me stand since my leg muscles don't always work properly. I'm very lucky that all 3 of my kids are kind and caring people. They try to help me out as much as they can. 
My DH works a full day and then comes home to clean whatever I can't do and then he cooks and cleans up the kitchen. He never complains. Never treats me like I'm a burden. So I'm sure you can only imagine how that makes a girl feel.

2. Being more active..
With my muscles locking up on me more and more I need to start getting them more active. I stretch twice a day but it isn't working. So I'm wanting to try Yoga. So here is to hoping that it will do me some good.

3. Reading more. 
I love to read and am on a couple street teams for authors. I am thinking of doing some reviews for this blog. Who knows. (back to the self esteem issue lol). I'm making a goal of reading 200 books this year. So I'm excited to get that done. I'm already at 12. I think if I do reviews on here at least then I can keep up to count on how many I've read. lol. Not that anyone reads my blog and it will help but it will be counting system. 

4. Blog more.
I don't need people to read this, but I can't write in my journals anymore. My arthritis and muscles make it almost impossible to write the old fashioned way for more than a couple minutes. I'm hoping to use this blog as I intended it. To help me document my disease, and just get things out. This will also help me fight back on the depression that hits often. I won't be promising to blog every day, hopefully I will be blogging at least a couple days a week.
 I can't write on other social medias, not the way I truly feel. I know that everyone rants and raves on Facebook but I can't, not because I'm scared but more because I hate to sound like I'm whining or want pity. At least right here I am just me. No one knows who I am. 

Well that's all from me today. :) I need to get some sleep. The kids will be up soon They get to start back to school tomorrow. YAY!! And my college classes start soon too. So Night Dolls!!

<3   JAG

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