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I'm a 36 year old happily married SAHM, college student. I have 3 beautiful little terrors who drive me insane by being so much like me. I am fighting the good fight against a rare auto immune disease called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good afternoon people!

Well I guess for some of you it would be afternoon. I woke up today in pain (nothing new there). Took my pills and am about to start my day. I have errands to run. Don't feel like doing them, nothing new there. We are in the midst of packing to move. Which sucks when your energy level is at null. All 3 kids are home :)
Z, my daughter, woke up with serious attitude problems. I know this is normal for the age but sometimes I wish I could go off in her. I'm not one of those parents who don't discipline their child and then wonder why they don't respect me. So when she starts flipping major disrespect t not only me but her little brothers I'm at a loss. She has always been taught to show respect. I was awoken this morning by a shrill voice yelling "I told you to sit the frick down, young man!" some may wonder why this bothers me. Well we don't allow our kids to say "frick". It's way to close to a 4 lettered F word. It also is way disrespectful in my eyes. After talking to Z to see why she felt the need to talk like that I was left in total bewilderment. Z thinks its okay to talk like that. She doesn't hear me talk like that. I won't say I don't cuss but it is not an everyday occasion. My mom always said if you have to cuss in very sentence then you need to learn English again.
Anyways, I'm still stuck on how to get Z to understand how she sounds to the rest of the world using words like that. Thinking maybe I need to record her and have her listen to it.
Any suggestions?

Until next time!

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